Night has fallen

When night is falling, the gates are closed,
the Palace seems to doze off.
One is gently walked on the cobbled path.


As the palace slowly empties itself, the restaurant becomes
a stage for grand dinners and exclusive events.

Royal tables

When the Great Maître makes his entrance,
he summons the guests to follow him.

Historical menus,
exclusively re-edited Marie-Antoinette
porcelain, service « à la française »,
staff elegantly dressed.

«In this unique setting, I wanted
guests to dine as in the time of the King.
French cuisine with a contemporary touch, but
whose inspiration draws from the food served
at the time. More than a meal,
this is an experience.»
Alain Ducasse

Tailor-made organisation

A vast 500 m2 surface divided into separate spaces:
two dining rooms and three private dining salons.
Tailor-made organisation for events
(cocktails, contemporary dinners or inspired from the XVIIème),
from 2 to 124 guests.
Complete privatisation.

to the King's meat!»

*Messieurs, à la viande du Roi !

These words marked the start of service,
the King's meat designating the Kings entire meal.

Contemporary cafe

During the evening, an exclusive dining experience

Château de Versailles
Pavillon Dufour - 1st floor
Place d'Armes - 78000 Versailles

Access Map

T. +33 1 30 84 12 96


Open Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00am to 5:30pm
Saturdays, from June 11 to September 17, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm