Evening events

By night, an exceptional table
Ducasse au Château de Versailles

As the palace slowly empties itself, the restaurant becomes a stage for grand dinners and exclusive events.

Night has fallen

When night is falling, the gates are closed, the Palace seems to doze off. One is gently walked on the cobbled path.

Ducasse au Chateau de Versailles, repas d'exception le soir

Royal tables

When the Great Maître makes his entrance, he summons the guests to follow him.

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    Les entrées, restaurant Ducasse au Chateau de Versailles

    A menu inspired by the Court, with contemporary flavours

    Historical menus, exclusively re-edited Marie-Antoinette porcelain, service « à la française », staff elegantly dressed… Everything is perfectly honed to make a dinner in the Ducasse salons of the château de Versailles an exceptional experience.
    Careful research was carried out to elaborate dishes that conformed to the spirit of 18th century cuisine, yet appeal to contemporary gourmets.

    « In this unique setting, I wanted guests to dine as in the time of the King. French cuisine with a contemporary touch, but whose inspiration draws from the food served at the time. More than a meal, this is an experience.»

    Alain Ducasse
    Cocktail Ducasse au chateau de Versailles