The restaurant

During the day, ore - an elegant french style café

The restaurant access is in the cour des Princes. As they enter the vestibule, guests are vividly aware that they are indeed inside the château de Versailles.

One can admire the Château through the windows overlooking the cour Royale and the cour d’Honneur. In the salons, the mirrors allow even the guests whose back is turned to the windows to look upon it.

It all started with the renovation of Pavillon Dufour under the guidance of architect Dominique Perrault and Frédéric Didier, head architect for historical monuments. The idea being to simplify the flow of the general public.

The design of the venue is
nourished by an abundant iconography.
The inspiration for the chandeliers,
imagined by Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost, comes from two objects. One is the strawberry, a characteristic exhibit of French costumes until the beginning of the 17th century. The other is the baton of authority,
represented in the famous painting of
Louis de France by
Hyacinthe Rigaud.

Majestic golds

Gold is indissociable of Versailles, the Roi Soleil residence. The restaurant
design makes generous but controlled use of the colour. Many elements
of the décor adopt this shade, yet, depending on which material it is applied,
the nuances are varied to infinity.

The alchemy between the Château, the architect and the chef

The restaurant offers several spaces like the Office, deliberately left open to the view of all,
and The Cabinet des Architectes with its view on l'avenue de Paris and la Cour Royale.
The three salons with their grey taupe pannelled walls, are named after the historical figures
that have marqued the history of the Château: Le Vau, Le Nostre and Le Brun.

The Gobelet refers to the team in charge of looking after the King’s table. A huge china cabinet made of glass, wood, and brass display historical and reedited 18th century tableware.

A well-orchestrated ballet

Both professional and efficient, the service and atmosphere are relaxed.
At lunch, the brass table tops highlight the pure contemporary lines
of the tableware: silver plated cutlery, crystalline wine glasses and
white plates from Bernardaud, marked with the establishment's solar emblem signed by
Pierre Tachon (Soins Graphiques), Artistic Director of Ducasse Paris.

At night, exceptional evenings

From the menu to the waiter’s outfits, from the setting to the tableware,
everything is perfectly honed to make a dinner in the Ducasse salons of
the château de Versailles a unique experience.


The team

Stéphane Duchiron
Executive Chef

His career

Arnaud Dutertre
Pastry Chef

His career

Maxime Maze

His career

Stéphane Duchiron
Executive Chef

Stéphane graduated from l’École supérieure de cuisine française Grégoire Ferrandi, he has worked
in top level Michelin star restaurants. In June 2006, he opens his own restaurant, Les Fougères.
One fine day in 2010, an unexpected guest arrives. It is Alain Ducasse that he seats as best he can
and to whom he serves a lobster salad with Jerusalem artichoke and a hare à la Royal. In September 2016,
Alain Ducasse offers Stéphane to join him to lead the kitchens of ore - Ducasse au château de Versailles.


Arnaud Dutertre
Pastry Chef

Arnaud began his journey outside of Paris in a small city pastry shop.
In 2006, he is noticed by Alain Ducasse, who offers him the responsibility of the pastry production
in his Eiffel Tower restaurant, the «Jules Verne». In September 2016, he becomes pastry chef
at ore – Ducasse au château de Versailles.


Maxime Maze

A twist of fate to the person who, in September 2016, becomes floor manager at ore –
Ducasse au château de Versailles: at the end of his training, Maxime worked for a few months
at a restaurant in Versailles, a stone’s throw from the Château. In 2005, he joins Alain Ducasse
au Plaza Athénée where he quickly becomes maître d’hôtel followed by director of the seasonal restaurant
La Cour Jardin. In 2011, Alain Ducasse names him premier maître d’hôtel, then director of
his Eiffel Tower restaurant, the Jules Verne. In September 2016, he is named Chief Operations manager
at ore – Ducasse au château de Versailles.


Contemporary cafe

During the evening, an exclusive dining experience

Château de Versailles
Pavillon Dufour - 1st floor
Place d'Armes - 78000 Versailles

Access Map

T. +33 1 30 84 12 96


Tuesday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm
Saturday 9am to 5.30pm - 7pm to 8.30pm
Sunday 9am to 5.30pm

T. +33 1 30 84 12 97