Privatisation Ducasse au Chateau de Versailles
Ducasse au château de Versailles

Your private event in the evening

Services exclusively at night (from 7:30 pm to midnight, outside the opening hours of the castle), upon reservation and complete privatisation of the space (privatisation fees in addition to the cost of the dinners)

At the gentlemen's table

The royal etiquette under Louis XIV invented these special tables to welcome the renowned guests, artists, princes and ambassadors visiting Versailles.

La Table des Gentilshommes Ducasse au Chateau de Versailles
Table Royale Ducasse au Chateau de Versailles

The royal table

This dinner reinvents the royal grandeur of the King’s meal. When the Great Maître makes his entrance, he summons the guests to follow him. « Messieurs, au couvert du roi ! »

La Table Royale Ducasse au Chateau de Versailles

The Great Century

A menu in the spirit of the royal table of the 18th century, Marie-Antoinette’s porcelain dinner service reissued in exclusivity, the staff in full livery: an unforgettable experience.

Ducasse au chateau de Versailles

« Tartuffe » cocktail

The name of this cocktail refers to the first performance of Molière’s play which was given in 1664, at the end of the eight days of festivities, “Les plaisirs de l’île enchantée”, organized by Louis XIV to present the embellishment of Versailles to the court.

Ducasse au Chateau de Versailles

Table of the great cupbearer

The gracious ballet of the chef du gobelet (head cup bearer) and officiers de bouche, majestic in their livery, begins. Each gesture is choreographed. We return to the solemnity of the drinks ceremony. For one evening only, the gentleman brings back to life ancient and rare vintages.

Le cocktail Tartuffe Ducasse au Chateau de Versailles

Private visit of the Château

Private tours can be arranged prior to the event. At the end of the evening, once you arrive at the closing gate, a last look to the Palace is inevitable… the magic was definitely there.

Interieur Chateau de Versailles

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