ore Ducasse au chateau de Versailles
By day

By day,
ore, an elegant contemporary café

Located in the heart of the Pavillon Dufour, ore is resolutely set in its time. Contemporary reinterpretations of the historical decorative themes evoke the Sun King’s splendor.

ore Ducasse au chateau de Versailles


The name of this restaurant, which in Latin means mouth, refers to the pleasures of the mouth anchored in French art-de-vivre and in particular to Versailles, to the services of the “bouche du Roi”, in charge of the meals served to the court.

Millefeuille - restaurant ore

The Pavillon Dufour

It all started with the renovation of Pavillon Dufour under the guidance of architect Dominique Perrault and Frédéric Didier, head architect for historical monuments. The idea being to simplify the flow of the general public.

The restaurant

The restaurant access is in the cour des Princes. As they enter the vestibule, guests are vividly aware that they are indeed inside the château de Versailles.
One can admire the Château through the windows overlooking the cour Royale and the cour d’Honneur. In the salons, the mirrors allow even the guests whose back is turned to the windows to look upon it.

ore Ducasse au chateau de Versailles

Memory in the present

The design of the venue is nourished by an abundant iconography. The inspiration for the chandeliers, imagined by Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost, comes from two objects. One is the ruff, a characteristic exhibit of French costumes until the beginning of the 17th century. The other is the baton of authority, represented in the famous painting of Louis de France by Hyacinthe Rigaud.

ore Ducasse au chateau de Versailles

Majestic golds

Gold is indissociable of Versailles, the Roi Soleil residence. The restaurant design makes generous but controlled use of the colour. Many elements of the décor adopt this shade, yet, depending on which material it is applied, the nuances are varied to infinity.

décoration ore Ducasse au chateau de Versailles

A well-orchestrated ballet

Both professional and efficient, the service and atmosphere are relaxed. At lunch, the brass table tops highlight the pure contemporary lines of the tableware: silver plated cutlery, crystalline wine glasses and white plates from Bernardaud, marked with the establishment’s solar emblem signed by Pierre Tachon (Soins Graphiques), Artistic Director of Ducasse Paris.

le bar - ore Ducasse au chateau de Versailles
Habib Soilihi et Arnaud Dutertre

The team

Habib Soilihi, Head Chef
After obtaining his CAP in cooking with a specialization in catering at the Lycée Santos Dumont in Saint-Cloud, Habib spent nearly three years at Potel & Chabot. In 2006, he joined the Ducasse House at the Relais Plaza and then at the Jules Verne. Eager to open up to other experiences, he held a series of positions for seven years: at Lasserre, Ledoyen and the Shangri-La, at the K2 in Courchevel and at Les Palmiers in Ramatuelle. In December 2018 he returned to the Maison Ducasse and became assistant Chef of ore – Ducasse au Château de Versailles alongside Stéphane Duchiron. Today he is head chef.

Arnaud Dutertre, Pastry Chef
Arnaud began his career in the provinces in a small town pastry shop. In 2006, he was noticed by Alain Ducasse who offered him the opportunity to become production manager at the Jules Verne. In September 2016, he became head pastry chef of ore – Ducasse au Château de Versailles.

Access & booking

Access to ore is free. No ticket required but, for a better reception, don’t hesitate to book!
Book here or call +33 (0)1 30 84 12 96

You are a group of 9 people or more? A reservation is required.
Send an email to evenements@ducasse-chateauversailles.com or make your request here

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